‘There’s no words’: Community mourns 18-year-old who drowned in Gloucester quarry

The body of an 18-year-old student from Everett high school was pulled from a Gloucester quarry Wednesday afternoon after he drowned during a church outing, shocking the local community.

Police said that Fabieri Fabert jumped into the water from a high rock in the Lanesville area with a friend around 1 p.m., and while the friend resurfaced the teen did not. State police divers recovered the teen’s body two hours after he went into the water, officials said.

Fabert graduated from Everett high school in early June and planned on attending Merrimack College, according to the teens football coach Robert Diloreto.

“It’s just tragic. There’s no words to describe how numb we all feel right now in our program, in our Everett football family. We’re a very tight knit group,” said Diloreto.

Fabert’s teammates said that he was loved by all at school.

“He was a great guy. He was like very invested in church. He loved football. He loved playing and he loved being around his teammates. You could count on him,” said teammate Jaylen Murphy. “I know when I go to college, I know, I’m going to be thinking of him all the time. Every play is going to be for him. I’m going to give my all for him.”

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