Family takes center stage as ‘Hawkeye’ lands at Disney+

Marvel’s Disney+ “Hawkeye” series establishes its lighthearted tone at the start as Clint Barton — aka the winged Avenger Hawkeye — attends a Broadway musical with his family during the holiday season.

“There’s an emotional through line that ties in from obviously ‘Avengers: Endgame’ stuff,” Jeremy Renner, 50, explained in a virtual press conference, Clint having survived when many Avengers died.

“It’s a lot of healing and these kind of things. But we start off with the very happy step forward into a family vacation in New York at Christmas, taking the kids to go see a musical. Everything kinda goes sideways from there.”

That’s not just because Clint (Renner) hates “Rodgers: The Musical” in which Avengers are singing and dancing — think of Broadway’s Spider-Man musical — but bad guys are afoot and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a young fan of Hawkeye who aspires to be Hawkeye, needs his assistance.

The two banter back and forth — he’s grumpy, she’s eternally upbeat — and between battles, murder and a new costume for Kate, there’s the big question: Can Clint make it back home for Christmas with his family?

As to why “Hawkeye” has settled in for six streaming episodes instead of a feature film, “It’s getting to know them better. It’s a world you get to live in a little longer,” said director Rhys Thomas.

Renner observed that as Clint, “I don’t operate on survivor guilt. I just deal with loss. There are a lot of things that are lost — and it’s addressed in this show and brings our characters closer together.

“There’s a lot of weight that’s carried,” he continued. “There might be grumpiness in this face but it comes with the losses in the superhero game. The lightness and brightness Hailee’s character brings counteracts that.”

“I will say, as far as bonding, Jeremy and I really jumped right into this, right straight into the deep end together,” Steinfeld, 24, said.

“We were taking it as it was coming. I felt so grateful to have Jeremy’s support and his mentorship in real life — as I do as Kate. We shared a lotta laughs, didn’t we?”

“Yes ma’am. For me,” Renner said, “I just wanted to communicate with her that I had her back. And that there’s going to be a lotta strange things that go on. You know, it’s different than other types of filmmaking. I just wanted to let her know that she wasn’t alone, and I had her back. And I’ll give her the answers if she needed them.”

“Hawkeye” streams on Disney+.

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