Mike Vrabel: Patriots are similar to 2001 Super Bowl team

Mike Vrabel had a front row seat to the Patriots’ first championship run in 2001.

He was part of the stifling defense that took down the Greatest Show on Turf during Super Bowl XXXVI. He knew the players, the coaches, everything about the team that made it Super Bowl-caliber.

Speaking with the Herald on Wednesday, Vrabel, now the Titans head coach, gave credence to the popular parallels being drawn between this year’s Patriots and the 2001 team. As he studies tape of the current Pats, he’s experienced some déjà vu.

“I think there are similarities. Obviously, there’s a lot of history there with one particular quarterback,” Vrabel said, not mentioning Brady by name. “And I think you’re starting to see some of those plays start to look like they looked in the past.

“Mac’s done a very nice job of executing and proving what it is they want him to do, and what it is they’re asking him to do. I’d say he has a strong grasp of what they’re doing now.”

Vrabel added he’s been impressed by the Patriots as a whole. The way they win games also brings him back to the early 2000s when his defense paved the way for two more championships after 2001.

“I think they have the ability to win the game in a lot of different ways. They’re playing great defense. They’re taking care of the football, and they’re not doing things that beat themselves,” Vrabel said. “So I guess you could draw that parallel to a lot of Patriots teams. I mean, that’s something we (the Titans) would love to do as well.”

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