Is ‘Papa Mochi’ back? James Corden addresses ARMY controversy with BTS on ‘The Late Late Show’

BTS recently reunited with James Corden on the latter’s “The Late Late Show,” where the mega-famous K-pop septet performed their single “Permission to Dance” and talked about the moment the talk show host ignited the fury of their fan group, collectively known as the ARMY.

Clearing the air: As soon as the group sat on the couch during their Nov. 24 guest appearance, BTS leader Kim Nam-joon, better known by his stage name RM, immediately asked Corden if he was OK after being on the receiving end of the ARMY’s hate.



You’ve been in some hot water with the ARMYs, are you all right?” RM asked Corden.

“We did two jokes, which I didn’t think were in any way offensive to anybody,” the talk show host explained.

Corden drew outrage among fans for describing them as “15-year-old girls” during a monologue in September, right around the time when the group was invited to the United Nations General Assembly to make a speech as special envoys and also to perform “Permission to Dance.”

During the BTS appearance episode, Corden corrected his past presumption about the fanbase, stating that what he previously said was not true. He even used himself as an example, calling himself a 43-year-old man who is also “one of the biggest BTS fans in the world.”
Corden then recalled the severe backlash he received, most notably one message from a fan telling him they “hope he dies today.” “Which did feel extreme in response to what I felt were two quite harmless jokes,” Corden added.
After reminiscing about the moment, Corden said he loves BTS and the ARMY. “I’ve seen them at their absolute best, when they are a true force for good, they have supported charities that I support at home and they’re amazing,” he said. “The prospect of doing anything that may have upset them… I didn’t enjoy that feeling.”
After his speech, RM immediately cut off Corden to tell him, “We appreciate your apology,” adding, “We just like to clear the air with ARMY.”

Corden also congratulated the group on their recent win at the American Music Awards. BTS was the first Asian act to win the “Artist of the Year” award in the show’s 48-year history.

The reaction: Many social media users took to Twitter to talk about BTS’ appearance on “The Late Late Show,” most notably the part where they discussed the past controversy.

Literally the FIRST WORDS out of Namjoon’s mouth were to ask about James being in hit water with ARMY. He even followed up with “we thought you were ARMY, right?” And “James it’s alright, we appreciate your apology. We just wanted to clear the air.” #bts #BTSxJamesCorden #BTSinLA

— Delia Harrington (@DeliaMary) November 24, 2021

Some ARMY went on to praise RM for the way he handled the interaction.

I can’t help but squirming the entire time while watching the latest bts talk show with James corden. It’s awkward and we know why.

Props 2 RM who shows his amazing leadership.

— AKarimaR (@icakarima) November 25, 2021

#RM, star of the @latelateshow…the way he took the conversation made Corden realize and apologize to ARMYs, RM behaved like a good father…
Funny thing @JKCorden had to accept tht he never saw this side of ARMY…😄#btsarmy

— S¹⁷imi💜BTS❤JK (@Simi19373379) November 25, 2021

super love how RM handled James Corden

RM: “It’s okay, James. We accept your apology” 🔥🔥🔥

— ❄️태형이의 여자❄️ (@tayeba_13) November 25, 2021

Other fans expressed wanting to follow BTS’ example by burying the hatchet with Corden, also known as “Papa Mochi” after he was given the nickname by group member Jimin.

They wanted to clear the air between James Corden and their ARMYs. They don’t want anymore negativity between us. I hope we stop throwing hate already, for the boys. 💜 BTS, the purest hearts I’ve ever known. 🥺 #BTSxJamesCorden

— OT7 or nothing (@ot7tanniee) November 24, 2021

Guys let’s stop all this drama, and think about the upcoming Concert.RM made it all clear yesterday, James Corden apologized, why are you all still keeping this up. The boys appreciate the apology, so should we. Let’s all talk about something else.

— NJKOOKIE519 (@njkookie519) November 25, 2021

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