Always wanted a personalized license plate? Colorado has 63 up for auction

DENVER (KDVR) – Comet, Dancer and Vixon are available as a personalized Colorado license plate during the holiday extravaganza sale hosted by the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

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“What better gift can you give than a customized license plate configuration? Proceeds from the sale of these license plate configurations support programs that increase quality of life for people with disabilities, so even if you are buying the configuration for your own vehicle, you are still giving to a good cause,” Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera said.

The auction ends on November 26 at 8 p.m.

Grinch license plate available at auction (Credit: State of Colorado)

The sale offers 63 personalized Colorado license plates up for auction, proceeds benefit Coloradans with disabilities.

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee is auctioning the license plates. 2022, CAPTDAD, MSFIT, ELFEN, CRAFTIE, 1STSNOW, COOKIE, GOTSKIS, and MSNOW are some of the plates available. Holiday, family, skiing, snowboarding and other themes are offered.

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The winning bidder gets the right to use the personalized plate as their official Colorado license plate. Standard Department of Motor Vehicles registration fees will apply when registering the plate to a vehicle.

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee plans monthly auctions. Previous auctions featured Colorado-Day, NHL, MLB and NBA-themed plates.

Contact the Colorado Disability Funding Committee Coordinator with questions, [email protected].

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