Oakland resident sentenced for child sex crimes

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Department of Justice is reporting an Oakland resident has been sentenced after pleading guilty to various sex crimes involving children.

38-year-old Cassidy Migan Lavorini-Doyle, a Yale-educated oral surgeon, was sentenced to 192 months in prison for his convictions of attempted sex trafficking of a child, attempted production of child pornography, traveling with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, and the receipt of child pornography.

On incident included Lavorini-Doyle arranging “sex dates” with a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old through an adult prostitute he met in 2018. Lavorini-Doyle recorded the acts with the two girls without the their permission, naming the files “14 yo” and “12YO”, referencing his understanding of their supposed ages. Subsequently, one of the two females was identified and determined to have been 18 years old at the time of the sex date, despite her youthful appearance.

A second incident detailed in court revealed Lavorini-Doyle approached a woman and her 10 and 11-yea- old daughters in a Walnut Creek parking lot on December 6, offering $30,000 to buy her two daughters for the evening. The mother yelled “no” and called 911.

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Lavorini-Doyle also admitted to traveling to Cambodia in 2019 with the intent to engage in commercial sex with minors. He withdrew $10,000 in cash from his bank account before the trip so that he could pay for the sex acts when abroad.  He also purchased zip ties and duct tape at Home Depot and a digital camera and SD card at Target. Cell phone records showed that he sent the text message “Is super skinny 9yo avAO” while in the country.

Law enforcement raided Lavorini-Doyle’s home on in Oakland on December 11, 2019, one day before he returned from Cambodia, and seized several electronic devices. He arrested when he landed at SFO on the 12th.

In his seized devices, Lavorini-Doyle possessed over 100 videos of child pornography, which he had downloaded from the internet.  Sexual conduct depicted in the videos involved minors who had not attained the age of 12, violent sexual conduct, and sexual abuse of infants or toddlers. 

In addition to the  192 month prison term, Lavorini-Doyle, who was in custody at the sentencing hearing, was sentenced to a lifelong term of supervised release upon his release from prison.  A restitution hearing will be held in 90 days.

Lavorini-Doyle is next scheduled to appear in custody in Contra Costa County Superior Court, where he faces related child sex trafficking state criminal charges being prosecuted by the Contra Costa County Office of the District Attorney.  

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